The authenticity of every love story is the most beautiful part of our works.

Natalya + Dragan

From the moment they prepared for the fateful YES to the moment they saw off the guests – we were there. Their memories of that day show our gratitude for choosing FVS to capture them.



Nadja + Stefan

We have preserved the beauty of spontaneity, which is the strongest indicator of their happiness and love, from oblivion in every shot.



Doris + Uros

They knew how to celebrate their love, and we managed to capture every moment worth remembering.



Jelena + Roberto

They let their imagination run wild, and entrusted us to perpetuate it and turn it into memories they will be proud of.



Milena + Milos

The energy at this wedding has pushed the boundaries; furthermore it is now talked about without words – in our photos.



Neha + Marko

When you are sure of the love of person who you share it with, then it is our job to make you feel it strongly in the memories from your wedding.


Ksenija + Milan

Their happiness was obvious, and every detail worth remembering. She glowed for two, he was proud of his choice, and we – we saved every look, smile and movement for them.



Hualing + Min

They are urban, modern, and yet they keep the tradition of crowning love with marriage.



Tijana + Bojan

Her dresses, wreath and veil, his suit, hat and paddle – this is a love story of two people who accept challenges and turn them into their victories.



Natalija + Farbood

The rain was just a detail that pointed out that neither love nor our team knew about obstacles – everything went exactly as they imagined.



Valentina + Stefan

Paris is a city of love, and they overshadowed it in our works.



Kristina + Damir

There is pure love in these pictures. We see it in the touch, glance, motion, and we make it eternal for you.