Weddings 2012

This year we have worked hard to raise the quality of weddings photography. See selected images from the 2012's.


Catwalk is really a specific place, that you only have a few seconds for a good photo. But, in the studio is a different story.


Photograph taken in Studio is something special. It is requested purity of expression and clarity of concept. Model plays the biggest role.

Weddings 1

Photographing newlyweds in love, at their wedding day is one of the nicest things for us photographers.


A good portrait should represent you, as you are. At work, with your family, honest, crazy, beautiful, ugly..


Here we are on ground, so to speak, press photography. You need to know how to successfully farewell event.

Weddings 2

We always recommend that newlyweds should spend some time photographing at the interesting locations. 


Although, it does not seem so, but interior photography can be a very "trick". Of course, that is not a problem for the FVS.


Folk events are phenomenal for taking the interesting pieces that players create.


Children are our most beautiful models. Their spontaneity and innocence which radiated always fill us in a picture.


Only big companies know how important it is to have a good photography of a product for the sake of further presentations of the same.